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Hoods and Ducts Company for Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems (Ventilation Systems Division), is uniquely positioned throughout Kuwait since the year 1995 to provide consistent, quality service to each of your properties. We are not only specialized in Ventilation Systems installation; but we also offer a variety of other services that will help keep your facility in tip top shape. Our technicians are qualified to keep your property or business safe and your operations compliant. All food production outlets are now required to ensure that their kitchen exhaust system are working efficiently. Our clients include Villas, Restaurants, Offices, Colleges and others.

Because we understand that all our clients have different needs, we are flexible in our approach. To avoid the financial implication of closing their business, our ventilation installation and maintenance work may take place out of regular opening times – evenings, nighttime, early mornings or even the weekend.

Our team will remove your complete system from extraction hoods through to external motors (fans), create permanent access panels for future cleans and replace filters new for old if required.

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Our Services Include

  • Calculate the circular air duct diameter and the airflow amount by calculating geometric equations and by using engineering design programs.
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Hood and Ducts Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems Company is a specialized company for guaranteeing good air quality. Read more...